Monday, November 27, 2017

Microstory 721: The Outcome

After years of suffering pain, darkness, and death, the only thing that kept us going through most of it was our hope for a better future. Though we appreciated the taikon themselves, I think most of us can agree that we were most excited for a paradigm-shifting outcome. The original final set of taikon in the Book of Light promised this to us, but the Book of Anseluka was shockingly noncommittal to what could happen if we achieved the predictions correctly. The Book of Darkness, which is now our new primary divine book of teachings, has now had time to be read thoroughly by many. What we have learned is that there is no climax, no solution, no grand finale. It teaches us that no single event can effectively sum up everything we’ve endured up to this point. That’s what this has been all about; that suffering and darkness are a part of life, and they can never fully be destroyed. No heaven, in mithgarther or elsewhere, could satisfy our lofty beliefs in some intangible and impossibly perfect paradise. This is it. This is all we have, and we must learn to not only accept this, but to revel in it. Nature has given us everything we need to be happy, and it’s our job to use these tools responsibly, and morally. Everything we’ve been through since infamous atheist, Dedebe Seirsen began his own personal odyssey towards devotion to the Light has contributed to the kinds of people we are now. This is a true example of the idea that life is about the journey, not the destination. The original final taikon said we would know whether we were worthy of the Light by the appearance of one of two divine manifests; The Liar, or The Loyalist. But this is not true, for we all have the capacity to lie, and we all have the capacity for honesty. It is up to each and every one of us to make that decision, every single second of every single day. Lots have people have questioned what’s to come of our great galaxy now that the taikon are finished...what is on the horizon for Fostea, and the rest of the universe? Well, that’s the beauty of it...we do not know. Is that exciting?

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