Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Microstory 713: Seven Heroes Appear

While Luvras Seldasic, Loctener to Sacred Savior, Sotiren Zahir, was in the middle of his third song in the Haplen Magnus Building, a door appeared out of nowhere. At first, nothing happened, but then it opened, and out came a group of people. They were all dressed differently, and regarded their new surroundings with varying levels of surprise and intrigue. By now, a sizeable audience had formed to listen to Seldasic’s recital, and most probably believed this to be part of it. A few, however, made the connection between there being exactly seven of them, and there being seven Heroes foretold in the Book of Anseluka. Seldasic had the urge to continue his performance, so his assistant escorted the visitors to the nearest Nexus, where they were transported to Hiereus so that they could be verified by Seamus’ Ring of Law. They easily passed the test, supported by the independent studies experts, who had no doubt that these are the seven predicted Heroes that would appear to help win the war against the Thuriamen. Though the door from which they came mysteriously disappeared before anyone could investigate, those who know their history will recognize that as a special portal to other universes, like the one where Eido Mateo originated. We do not yet know how the Heroes will help us in our efforts, but we do know a little bit about who they are, and what they’ve been through, and that they’re all from some version of Earth.
The first to walk through the door provided us with no proper name, requesting we refer to him simply as The Warrior. He was born in the past, in a land with little technology, during a time of war. He was badly injured on the battlefield when a sword randomly appeared to him, allowing him to defeat his foe, and survive. As it turns out, though we more often associate the weapon with Eido Mateo, the Sword of Assimilation actually belongs to the Warrior. He’s been using it to travel through time for years. The second Hero is named Honor Beringer. She was born to a world at war as well, but in a more general sense, with civilization having slowly crumbled and died. She was forced upon a generation ship when she was little, by a group of people hoping to save the human race from extinction by sending a fraction of them to another world. Matilda Förstner’s life was filled with less danger. She chose to enter military service when she was an adult, and is now a heavily dedicated war hero. Before arriving in our universe, she was living comfortably with a safe office job, in a position of great leadership. Joshua Bacon was unable to serve in the military due to having been born blind. He has studied his world’s military history, and is already proving to be a brilliant tactician. Though he may not be able to fight physically, he will prove to be an invaluable resource for our strategy in ending the Light Wars. Shiloh Kingsley is not a fighter, per se, but was known for his bravery in the face of danger on his world. In fact, he belongs to a class of humans who do not usually go by their given names, instead being addressed by unique titles. His callsign is Courage. Amaranti Houston is experienced in martial arts, using her skills and custom technology domestically to protect people, and fight against evil. And finally we have Ariel Grant. She has spoken very little since arriving. We know her to have her own experiences in battle, but she has not gotten into detail about it. We believe her to have worked in law enforcement more recently. We are fortunate to have seven valiant champions. The Light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak, is now shining brightly upon our faces.

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