Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Microstory 1317: First Resort

Resort Supervisor: Well, Mister Retiree, this is quite an impressive résumé. You have done well for yourself, haven’t you?
Retiree: Well, I wouldn’t have been able to retire here if I hadn’t.
Resort Supervisor: Yes, Panama is a beautiful country. We’re happy to have you. The question is why are you here, at this resort?
Retiree: Well, I stayed here once a couple years ago, and in fact, that’s why I fell in love with this country, and why I decided to spend the last of my days as an expat. I had such a lovely experience for that first week, so I already knew this would be a great place to work.
Resort Supervisor: It is indeed a great place to work. Our people are very happy here. But they are also—shall we say—less fortunate than you. They work here, because this is where they’ve been able to make their money. We can’t all have run multi-billion dollar companies in the states.
Retiree: It was only multi-million dollar. Not that that matters to you, I see your point. I don’t want to take a job from anybody. I’m just looking for something to do. I spent my whole life on the grind, and didn’t ever find any hobbies, so now I’m just bored out of my mind. I need something to keep me busy.
Resort Supervisor: We definitely don’t have any full time positions available right now.
Retiree: That’s okay. I don’t have to stay busy all day. I just need a few hours to feel like I’m contributing positively to society. I’ll still sleep ten hours a day, and read my books. You know, I have no intention of breaking my back at this.
Resort Supervisor: Right. Well, like I said, people come to me because they need to. I’m not saying they can’t get work anywhere else; we only hire the best. But I’m not sure I can justify giving something to a millionaire. I mean, it just wouldn’t be fair.
Retiree: I understand. I just don’t know what to do.
Resort Supervisor: Well, just because you haven’t had any hobbies before, doesn’t mean you can’t have them now. You can try bird watching, or hiking, or maybe something with arts and crafts. We do all those things here, so you are not wanting for options, I’ll tell you that. You could also look into some volunteer work. Panama has hungry people, just like the U.S., you know. There are plenty of options out there. I don’t believe paid work is a good fit for you anywhere. I know at least that this resort is out of the question.
Retiree: Okay, I understand.

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