Monday, July 4, 2016

Microstory 356: Latitude for Mistakes

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Free Thought

As I brought up in my Overwritten mezzofiction series, my father and I have always had s problem with people who claim to have no ragrets. Assuming you’re not simply lying, if you have never done anything you wish you hadn’t, then you were probably playing it safe. Life isn’t about being safe. It’s not about doing the most dangerous thing that comes to mind, of course, but you also shouldnt be purposefully dull. Awhile back, I was on one of my urban hikes, and came across a small creek with no bridge, because why would there bee? I put my phone in my bag, through it to the other side, then tried to cross by stepping on what looked like a sturdy rock. It wasn’t, and I fell in. I wasn’t mad, tho, because that moment gave me a new experience, and though I didn’t learn anything specifically, it supported my procedural memory. I am now slightly better at crossing creeks then I was before. Should that come up again, I’ll be better equipped. It may even save my life, you never no. Everybody makes mistakes, and so we should. We learn the most important lessons by doing something wrong and having to fix it. I believe most people know this; at least I know that you know, because I just told you, and you should know by now that I know what I’m talking about it, and you know to listen to me, no? What you may not quiet see is how you should handle other peoples mistakes. Be patient with them. Yes, at some points, a person’s stupidity is beyond indulgince. The definition of stupidity is trying the same thing over and over again, and expecting people to let you keep trying. There’s a difference between mistakes and incontinence. My point is to treet others that way you would like to be treeted, unless you like pain. That’s fine for you, but you can’t project that onto others. Just remember that everyone deserves the latitude to make mistakes, not just yo. For instance me, because this story has the wrong number of words, and a lot of mistakes. Sorry.

Freedom from War

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