Thursday, July 7, 2016

Microstory 359: Right to Privacy

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Safety from Political Corruption

I know what you’re thinking; Nick, my mind is actually preoccupied with something else right now. That’s okay, but if you happen to have been paying attention, then you may know that I’m a huge supporter of security over privacy. At least I think I’ve discussed this here before; that may have been with someone else. Just the same, I’ll reiterate my feelings. There are terrorists on this planet. It’s kind of a conservative’s go-to argument against pretty much any change to society, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. There are people in this world who want to hurt others. I don’t care their reasons, because I’m not going to change who I am out of fear, hoping they lay down their arms. The fact is that they are a real and major threat to the happiness of millions, even billions, of people around the globe. I’m not super happy about the NSA listening in on my calls, and reading my emails, but I allow it. My embarrassing research queries are less important to me, my life? They’re doing it to protect us. The government isn’t going to call your spouse about your affair, and they aren’t posting to the White House website that you secretly like The Notebook. They’re trying to save your life, so stop crying and let them in. That said, that doesn’t mean the government should be privy to absolutely everything you do. There must be regulations, compartmentalization, and other safeguards in place to protect the innocent. This is where artificial superintelligence comes in. Everyone is so freaked out about the dangers of an ASI taking over the world by turning humans into paperclips, but remember that and AI would be the only entity capable of deleting memories. When you ask the jury to “please disregard what was just said” there’s no way for them to do that. Once it’s in the brain, it’s there forever. We don’t lose memories, just connection. Computers, however, can forget. They can scan your private files, and then wipe the knowledge from their minds upon learning your irrelevance. Doesn’t that sound like a pretty good idea now?

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