Friday, July 8, 2016

Microstory 360: Progressive Society

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Right to Privacy

This one gets a little weird. I met an alien from another planet the other day. They return to Earth every few years to see how we’re doing. They monitor our behavior, and interview certain chosen subjects. She wasn’t the first alien I had met, but she was a new point of contact for me, and she had never done this before. Her superiors didn’t tell her much about us before she started her new job, so she was surprised by a few things. We are incredibly bizarre creatures, and shockingly backwards in some respects, while progressive in others. A long time ago, a caveman discovered a firepit that a different caveman had left behind. He put some ash in his mouth. Then he spit it out. Thousands of years later, however, people are still stuffing ash in their mouths, and they’ve also added hundreds more toxins. It’s not like everyone tries ash once and realizes they don’t like it. The same people eat it over and over again, and they think it does them good. People have different colored skin, and they’re from different places, and they speak different languages. There is so much hate between these factions; some of it out in the open, while some more subtle and insidious. Not everyone is of the same gender, nor sexuality, and that seems to be a problem for certain people. We war and torture and discriminate and sneak and live selfishly. We kick the homeless to the curb and take money away from educational programs. We burn books, worship invisible friends, and laugh at 2 Broke Girls and The Big Bang Theory. Yeah, I said it, that show sucks! These aliens have been waiting to bring us into the fold and prove Enrico Fermi wrong. They’ve not been waiting for us to discover warp speed, or play us little five-note melody. They’re waiting for us to get our shit together. They want us to join them in the 15th gigennium, and start actually being kind to one another. Honestly, they’re tired of waiting, and they’re about to give up. We all deserve a progressive society. Let’s get that trending.

Regional Pride

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