Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Microstory 373: Relationship Spontaneity

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For my entire life, I’ve been in exactly two relationships. One of them never happened, and the other one didn’t happen either; I just lied to you! There are many reasons why I’ve never had a girlfriend, but it all boils down to my autism. I’m quiet, because when I try to talk, I regularly find myself saying the wrong thing. I only speak when I have something meaningful to say, and even then, I’m awkward. I’ve become more open-minded and outgoing as I’ve grown up, which rose out of a need to assimilate into the culture, and pretend to be an extrovert. But there just aren’t a lot of prospects for me. My standards are high, and it’s hard for someone who doesn’t do recreational drugs to relate to someone who does, which includes just about everyone. I tell you this so you understand why I’m not able to give you relationship advice. I’m simply not the right person to ask. I struggle to write about couples in my stories, because I don’t have personal experiences to draw from. Sure, I write about interstellar spaceships too, but no one has experience with those, so you kind of have to trust my claims in that regard. Most of my fictional couples start their relationship in the middle, which is the same way many crappy science fiction or horror movies do it. When you think about, these two people only met yesterday, but they’re already on love, just because of their harrowing adventure? The beginning of a romance is a pivotal time between two people, because neither of them knows where this is going. Love I get. I’ve been in love, so I know how I would treat someone with strong feelings for me, but I certainly don’t know what goes into reaching that point in the first place. There are some things I can tell you that I’ve learned from movies and other observations, though. Treat your partner with respect. Be honest, but don’t reveal your every thought. You still need a filter. Don’t be judgmental, but also don’t just accept their flaws. It will create resentment. Be comfortable around each other, but also try new things. And as with anything, be nice.

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