Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Microstory 357: Freedom from War

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Latitude for Mistakes

Now we’re getting into some human needs that we don’t actually have. We’re also moving away from individual needs, and discussing primarily the happiness of society, and the world as a whole. It’s very easy to claim that you’re interested in world peace. Beauty pageant contestants do it all the time. Politicians do it to win elections. I’m doing it right now to build my website, hoping to get famous. Uh...I mean, for art. First off, y’all need to stop being so angry all the time; fighting over a bit of sand. Who gives a crap? It’s just land, and if you spent more time building a productive society, and less time throwing rocks, guess what you would have? Money. And money gets you land. I know, it’s easy for me to reduce the problem to its primary components and lay it all out in its most simplistic form, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong. So many people fight for their God, but I refuse to believe in a deity who would want us to be so violent. Make no mistake (even though, if you do, I’ll give you the latitude for it) but humans are not the only ones keeping us in a constant of conflict. Technology has not yet progressed enough to aid our lives enough to protect us from ourselves. In a future with sustainable energy, agricultural cloning, nanofabrication, nanomedicine, telepresence, and instant translation, people will not be in so much need. I believe, with my optimistic heart, that the richest of us will own spaceships, while the poorest will own houses. There will still be an economic divide, but everyone will have what they need to live comfortably. As the workweek shrinks, our psychological and physiological health will increase. As cost of living decreases, free time will become more fulfilling. Eventually, we’ll do away with money altogether. Some will choose to live in virtual worlds. Some will modify our bodies to reach a certain type of immortality. We’ll look back and laugh-cry at all our petty wars. This may sound like sci-fi or fantasy to you. But trust me, the singularity is coming...

Safety from Political Corruption

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