Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Microstory 372: Sexual Gratification

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This one is Rated-R, or whatever.  This is here because sex is a common and natural part of life. It’s so far down the list because it’s not anywhere close to being the most important. What’s important to remember is to do it safely, of course. I’ve heard a lot of people compare the dangers of sex with that of drugs, but there is a huge difference. Sex, when done right, is a good thing. When it’s consensual, disease-free, and with a partner you feel comfortable with, it’s a beautiful and healthy thing. Recreational drugs, on the other hand, are always bad. There is no “right” way to do them, there are just ways to do them not quite as dangerously as others. Sex aside from procreation isn’t necessary. In fact, with recent advancements in medicine and other sciences, it’s not even necessary for that purpose anymore either. Our species could live through indefinite generations without ever having sex again. Sex for fun is, well, just that; it’s fun. It provides us with psychological, neurological, and yes, physical relief. Sex helps us connect with others, and encourages love across the board. You don’t have to be romantically interested in someone to have sex with them, and you certainly don’t need to be married. In my recursiverse stories, it’s considered taboo to get married before ever having sex with your partner, because you’re expected to use it as one among many metrics for compatibility. I’ve always found it funny that our society has it the other way around. When I put it that way, it sounds rather silly, doesn’t it? I already wrote a long essay about “rape culture” so I’m not going to go too much into that here, but I do feel the need to reiterate it. I mainly want to remind you of The Three C’s: consent, consent, consent. Lastly, one thing I didn’t really get into is how much people need to stop the slut-shaming. An adult woman (for these purposes, treat the word adult as something more complex and gradual than a single birthday) should be able to wear whatever she damn well pleases without you claiming it’s distracting. That’s a you problem, don’t put that on her.

Relationship Spontaneity

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