Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Microstory 363: Sexual Propagation

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Environmental Awareness

The reason this entry is so far down the list is because of the state of the world. Propagation is the inherent purpose of any lifeform. Many creatures will live only long enough to reproduce. Some die following conception, and some of those are even killed by their mates. Humans raise their children the longest of any species by far. In fact, the connection between a human parent and their young ends for only three major reasons; death, a falling out, or just moving geographically far away (but not really even then). What’s so fascinating about humans is that we have the developed the capacity to think irrationally. We can be selfish, stupid, careless, self-destructive, and self-sacrificial. Not everything we do is designed to facilitate the survival of the species itself. We get to have fun, make mistakes, and even do nothing at all, if we so choose. And so, for us, what’s more important than passing on our genes? Society and culture. Our goal here is to provide for every single person on the planet. And when I say that it’s our goal, I don’t mean that it should be, but that it actually is. If that’s not in your goal inventory; something you always want, then you’re a bad person. You’re a sociopath, a psychopath, or have some other psychological problem that prevents you from doing the right thing. Right now literally hundreds of millions of children have either been orphaned, or are otherwise living homeless. That is not hyperbole; I assure you that those numbers, though imprecise, are completely accurate. It pisses me off when a couple who can’t conceive purchases a surrogate mother. Infertility is no reason to not start a family. There are plenty of children who already exist, and frankly, I believe that surrogacy should be illegal. Actually, even if you can conceive on your own, you should seriously consider adoption anyway. Lastly, we need to enhance our sex education programs, and ban abstinence-only curricula, because those have been proven to not accomplish their objective. Ignorance and religious superstitions will literally destroy us all if we let this go on. Encourage adoption, and abortion will become unnecessary.

Basic Romantic Involvement

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