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Monday, July 18, 2016

Microstory 366: Intellectual Stimulation

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The Right to Not Be Raped

I hated school, pretty much every second of it. I thought about quitting at several moments in my life, too many to count. What I discovered about myself years after graduating from college was that I don’t like the idea of people telling me what I should know, and how I should learn it. That really makes me sound like some weird, pseudo-edgy “nonconformist” but that is not it at all. I am a huge proponent of education. I come from a family of educators. My paternal grandmother was a teacher, and my paternal grandfather was a teacher, principal, and even the superintendent of the school district. Before moving back to Kansas in 1995, my father was a college instructor, and my sister is an elementary music teacher. In fact, she teaches internationally. She first lived in Egypt, she just returned from Indonesia, and tomorrow she’s on her way to Panama. So I have no ill-will towards the institution of education, nor do I regret my time in school. I do think the system needs to make major changes, notably by being budgeted into the tax revenue while removing money from other programs, like war, but that’s a different story. Literally. Anyway, I’ve spent my time after formal education nurturing my personal interests, and finding ways of learning new things without the benefit of an instructor. I learn so much better hunting for information on the computer, keeping multiple tabs open that I sometimes switch between in the middle of sentences, and occasionally watching tutorials. I wish I knew this about myself before, because then my formal education would have been easier, because I would have been able to use my custom techniques as supplement, and actually learn something. Education is the root of all good in the world. Knowledge is power. It keeps condoms on hormonal teenagers, positive members of society employed, and technology in constant advancement. What I hated worse than school were the jobs that didn’t challenge me, and didn’t require thought or intelligence. Humans have a drive to be intellectually stimulated that not a single other species shares. Make yourself learn something new everyday, and you will always be heading towards happiness.

Positive Contribution

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