Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Microstory 402: Floor 41 (Part 1)

Beta, the Executive Vice President of Analion always considered himself to be a thoughtful and introspective person. He thought that he was pretty good at predicting future problems that might arise, and in directing progress in order to avoid them. So when the truth came out that something was wrong with a product that his organization had made, he was heartbroken. He had been there from the beginning. He built the organization with his friend, Alpha. People would often ask if he felt overshadowed by the face of Analion, but he never felt as much. Alpha was great at carrying out the processes necessary to run a business, but Beta was better at solving problems. Together they built one of the largest architectural and engineering firms around the globe. They considered Lion Tower to be their greatest achievement. What better way to demonstrate their expertise in the field than to work out of a building they had designed and created from start to finish? Unfortunately, the project was not without its issues, and they were all coming to a head now that it was practically complete. Beta was unable to find a solution. Part of the reason for this was his fear and anxiety over the company’s recent issues. This caused him to distrust his own decisions. He now questioned everything he had ever done, and every choice he had ever made. He was just too close to the situation, and needed a fresh pair of eyes. Beta felt like he was ultimately the one who caused the problems, so he needed to ask for help from someone who understood what was going on, but was almost certainly not the at the root of the problems. If Alpha couldn’t figure out what they should do, then no one could. Now the only thing left to do was to wait.

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