Thursday, September 8, 2016

Microstory 404: Floor 39 (Part 1)

The vice presidents of Analion did something strange near the beginning of the tower project. The 39th floor was reserved entirely for them, but they instructed the construction team to hold off on it until all other floors had been completed and furnished. This was an odd request, but the construction team accepted it and did as they were told. Their reservations about it remained until the grand opening. There were some complications and setbacks that slowed down their work. Had they spent as much time on the 39th floor as the schedule base had allotted, they would not have completed the job on time. Everyone who realized that the vice presidents were the ultimate cause of the unexpected success assumed that the VPs simply had excellent foresight and time management skills. They did not even consider any other possibility, because what else could it have been? Surely they could not literally see the future? Or could they?
The vice presidents were the most intelligent and insightful members of the company, besides one other. Their problem was that no one ever listened to their ideas. All that work climbing up the corporate ladder, hoping to gain some traction on the future, and nothing seemed to come of it. And so they hatched a plan. Or rather they ceased the plans they had been working tirelessly on since the early days of the organization. They were essentially the only thing standing between the company and its doom. They had always been covertly removing issues from the equation. Very few people were aware of their work, and even fewer were aware that they had stopped. The company started tanking due to the vice presidents’ inaction. Now, that was not to say that they were directly responsible for its demise, they were just tired of keeping it at bay. Their power had grown far beyond anything anyone could comprehend, and Analion was just no longer an appropriate place for them to work. No, it was time to move on. They stood on the 39th floor without anyone having seen them go up there. They stared at the atrium, fully aware of what was about to happen. They then witnessed Alpha’s fall to his death with a cold level of solace, and a perception of slow motion. Alpha perceived it the same way for that brief moment, but was unable to save himself. And then the vice presidents disappeared.

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