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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Microstory 408: Floor 35 (Part 1)

On behalf of Alpha, Beta, and the rest of the Analion family, I would like to apologize to any clients who have been negatively affected by the recent developments. We also offer our deepest sympathy to the victims and survivors of the recent tragedies. We would like to assure you that safety is our number one priority here at Analion. We are rigorously investigating all issues and complaints, just as we always have. We are also working closely with the authorities to discover exactly what went wrong. At this time, we are not ruling out any cause. We simply do not have enough information to provide you with an accurate explanation, and do not feel that it is our place to do so. We promise to update the public on new information as it comes. We would like to remind you that rarely, if ever, is there a single cause for any given effect. Any number of circumstances could have led to the recent tragedies. Again, we are heartbroken over the loss of three wonderful people, and will take full responsibility should it be deserved. No further comment.
“A little short, don’t you think?” the spokesperson says. “And repetitive.”

“It’s short and sweet,” the writer tries to explain. “You don’t want to give them too many words to dissect and interpret as accepting blame.” Upon witnessing someone falling down through the atrium, he breathes in casually and adds, “it looks like I’m going to have to rewrite our statement either way.”

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