Thursday, September 29, 2016

Microstory 419: Floor 24 (Part 1)

Let’s see, what can I tell you about Special Projects? Well, just about nothing. I can tell you about some of our past projects, but certainly nothing that’s ongoing. Not that that matters at this point. Since the company is certainly going under, I won’t have to worry about what we’re working on. Even if Analion somehow survives all this, they probably won’t keep my department up and running. You see, I don’t make them any money. In fact, I lose a lot of their money trying to figure out how to do things. Other departments are all about the mindless perpetuation of tasks that people already understand how to do. It’s my job to come up with new ideas and try to propel the organization forward to become a leader in things people don’t even know are possible. If that sounds like a lofty goal, then you would be right. I spend most of my day convincing my superiors that we deserve our continued existence. It’s so exhausting that I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemies, of which I imagine I have many. Right now, we’re not really working on anything, which could lead the executives to ignore us, but could also lead them to think we should all be fired. Our most recent project was the design and construction of our new headquarters. We hired dozens of temporary employees in order to accomplish this, most of which have already been let go. We’re still paying for the hundreds of millions of dollars this will ultimately cost us, and with our recent legal issues, we simply cannot afford that. Wow, the more I talk about this, the more I realize that my only choice is to get online and find another job. The building itself is fine, there are no problems, but I can’t believe there’s any way I’m still working here a month from now. I have to go.

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