Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Microstory 1983: The Choice of Risk

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Reese: How are things going at headquarters?
Anaïs: They’re fine.
Reese: Do you need us to pull you out? Just say the word. Don’t feel obligated.
Anaïs: I’m not just being a big brave girl, Agent. I really am fine. I still feel safe there.
Reese: Okay. So what’s the update?
Anaïs: Washington is finished with her interrogations. She spoke with everyone, and determined that there aren’t any other moles in the department.
Reese: Well...who interrogated Director Washington?
Anaïs: I know that that’s what we’ve been worried about, but I think she cleared her own name in the process. She could have found a mole, and thrown them under the bus, which would have thrown suspicion off of herself. It wouldn’t even have to be real.
Reese: So the fact that she isn’t outwardly doing anything to try to cover her tracks is telling you that she doesn’t have any tracks to cover? I’m sorry, that’s a weak argument. She may just feel comfortable enough in her position.
Anaïs: True, but I’m not the only one working on the problem, am I? Tell me, what has Micro uncovered during her external investigation.
Reese: *nods* Washington does seem clean. We’ve found no indication that she’s making more money than she earns at the office. She’s not making any unusual phone calls. Evidently she visited the original training facility, and picked Sergeant Sachs out after watching him spar, and reading his file. They didn’t know each other before.
Anaïs: Parsons, we don’t have much reason not to trust her. I think she was duped just as much as we were. She really wants to figure this out, and she’s working really hard to do that. I really think she’s all right. She did have a sour word to say about any of you.
Reese: Are you saying that we should try to come back in?
Anaïs: *stepping away to pace a little* It may not be yet time for that, but I do have another test we could try.
Reese: What would that be?
Anaïs: *spins back around* You’re not going to like it.
Reese: Is it dangerous?
Anaïs: No, I wouldn’t say that. In fact, you might be okay with it. If it goes poorly, at least we’ll know that I’m wrong, and she’s a traitor, but if it goes well...
Reese: Yeah...?
Anaïs: If it goes well, Washington might be the one who ends up not too happy.
Reese: All right. Spit it out.
Anaïs: I can go back to her, say that I’ve been looking for you—
Reese: No, that is dangerous.
Anaïs: I’m not even done explaining it.
Reese: It doesn’t matter. If you trust her, then either you and I should stop talking, and you’ll go back there fulltime, or we’ll pull you out and protect you, but you’re not going to put yourself at such risk. The nail that sticks out gets hammered down.
Anaïs: And that would be my choice. It’s a good plan, and I’m at less risk than you think. Why don’t you just wait until you hear the rest of it, okay?

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