Thursday, September 14, 2023

Microstory 1974: Team Alpha

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Micro: What do you think of these names? Team One? Team Prime? Team Alpha?
Anaïs: Not the most common practice. They usually just use colors, but I’ve heard of this technique before, to prevent anyone from feeling subordinate or inferior.
Micro: I think we all know who the B-team is here. We’re stuck at the second location.
Anaïs: I’m stuck at the second location. Parsons is still mad at me for being cagey about my past. You’re here, because I need a babysitter.
Micro: I would have been at the computer either way, poring over all this data, looking for anything that might help us catch this guy, and whoever he may be working for.
Anaïs: Do you want to be in the field?
Micro: It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I just think these equality names are funny. Being part of a group doesn’t mean that everyone is the same, and being equal doesn’t mean that either. It’s okay to just call it like it is. Someone ought to always be in charge.
Anaïs: Well, many would agree with you. Hold up, what is this?
Micro: What? *looking over at Anaïs’ screen* Let me check what it says here.
Anaïs: [...] Does that mean what I think it means?
Ophelia: *through the radio* Team Lead, this is Team One. We have eyes on the target. He’s heading upstairs.
Reese: *through the radio* Team One, this is Team Lead. Hold fast. [...] Team Prime, do you have a visual?
Sasho: *through the radio* Negative, Team Lead. We can’t see the front.
Reese: *through the radio* Okay, Team Alpha, go, go, go. Take him down at his door.
Anaïs: What do we do? We don’t have time to verify any of this?
Micro: Better safe than sorry. If we’re wrong, we have a better image of this guy now, so if he gets away today, we’ll get him again. Make the call.
Anaïs: You do it. Parsons may have told everyone not to trust me.
Micro: *into the radio* Team One, if you can hear me, male, clear your throat, and female, smack your lips. *the sounds come through* I’ve switched us to a private channel. When I give the word, tackle the suspect, and pull him to the floor. All three of you need to get to your stomachs, but not too soon.
Anaïs: Is this going to work?
Sasho: *through the radio* You’re clear, Prime A. You’re pointed right at ‘im.
Reese: *through the radio* Shoot only on my command.
Micro: *into the radio* Team One, DROP! NOW!
Sachs: *fires rifle*
Sasho: *through the radio* I lost visual! There’s too much dust!
Micro: *into the radio* Team One, we’re still on private. Please respond.
Ophelia: *through the radio* We’re here. We’re okay.
Micro: *into the radio* Apprehend the suspect, and run. Lose all trackable tech. Do not proceed to the agreed upon rendezvous point.
Leonard: *through the radio* What’s this about?
Anaïs: Are you gonna tell them?
Micro: That Sachs is a traitor? *into the radio* Wait for me at the Salmon Civic Center.

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