Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Microstory 1972: Team Lead

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Director Washington: *from the car console video screen* Report.
Reese: My team was able to generate a map of every place the owner of the phone that the meteorologist called has been. Two teams are stationed for a stakeout. Tech support is watching a second location, in case he shows up there. I’m situated in between.
Director Washington: You got a name?
Reese: We got a blurry face from a redlight cam. He was caught twice on the same corner using a cell phone at the time of two known incoming calls that our target received. But they’re on the lookout for anything suspicious. Agent Miazga’s on it. He knows how to spot someone who’s guilty of something, whether it’s the same guy from the photo, or not. Facial recognition couldn’t find him, though, so we’re being cautious.
Director Washington: Very well. Report back in off-schedule when you have the suspect in pocket.
Reese: This call already is off-schedule. Is everything okay?
Director Washington: Has SI Eliot made any attempt to contact you?
Reese: He called the headquarters twice. Tennison handled it. I’ve maintained contact with her; everything’s going fine there. The new agents are settling in. They’re eager to meet Leonard, I’ll admit that.
Director Washington: It was more important for him to be down there with you. I made that decision, and I’ll stick by it.
Reese: Well, I wish this process had gone faster. I don’t know if this guy will ever return to where we think he lives, but he was here or something. We’re sure of it, whoever he is.
Director Washington: That’s fine.
Reese: Hey, why were you asking about SI Eliot?
Director Washington: He’s a good investigator. He knows that I sent you on an off-the-books mission, and he’s not happy about it.
Reese: You still don’t trust him?
Director Washington: I’m almost certain that he’s not a traitor, but I would feel a hell of a lot better reading him in if we had more than one enemy in custody. I’m not trying to rush you, but sooner would be better.
Reese: Madam Director, are you asking me to find a loophole in the law?
Director Washington: I’m not asking you to do anything, but if you were to unlawfully enter the premises of a suspect’s presumed residence, all I’m saying is that someone would be there to make sure that you don’t catch heat for it. So if he never shows up, and you need to get back on the trail, then do whatever it takes.
Ophelia: *through the radio* Team Lead, this is Team One. We have eyes on the target. He’s heading upstairs.
Reese: *into the radio* Team One, this is Team Lead. Hold fast. *to the screen* This could be it. I don’t think we’ll need to skirt any laws here. I’ll call you back.
Director Washington: Goodbye, Agent Parsons.
Reese: *into the radio* Team Prime, do you have a visual?
Sasho: *through the radio* Negative, Team Lead. We can’t see the front.
Reese: *thinking first* Okay, Team Alpha, go, go, go. Take him down at his door.

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