Monday, September 25, 2023

Microstory 1981: Defenses

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Leonard: Oh. I just came down here to shore up our defenses.
Myka: Same. I wanna make sure we know our exits. This is an interesting tunnel.
Leonard: Yeah, it is. Must have a purpose. Well, I’ll go find something else to do.
Myka: Are you avoiding me?
Leonard: Of course not. Why would I do that?
Myka: Well, the last time we spoke, you were leaving on your hush-hush mission—
Leonard: I was compelled not to tell you what we were doing. I didn’t even know much about it myself. We didn’t learn the details until we arrived, and even then there was a lot of improvisation involved.
Myka: I’m not mad at you for keeping it secret. I’m just saying...we were growing closer, and since you’ve been back, I feel like you’re a different person.
Leonard: I guess I kind of am different. I’ve been in situations like that before, but not quite like it. I’ve never been rogue. This is all very strange to me.
Myka: I’m fascinated by you, Leonard, and I want to know what you mean by that.
Leonard: What I mean by it being strange?
Myka: What you mean that you’ve been in such situations. You were a parole officer, but it sounds like you were so much more than that. You’ve told me that you’ve been on missions before, which is not in the job description on our planet. *waits for a response that doesn’t come* It’s okay if you don’t wanna talk about it, but I just thought...
Leonard: Thought what? Go on.
Myka: I thought that there was something between us, but maybe I’m way off base.
Leonard: You’re not, but it’s complicated. I had just finalized my divorce before I arrived here. I mean that literally. I signed the papers, then stepped outside to mail them on my way to meet a friend. I forgot something inside, so I went back in real quick, and when I opened the door again, I was here. I didn’t even notice that something was weird until I looked up and realized that I was no longer in my neighborhood. My first thought was that I lost time, but then the patrol officer started talking about the National Commander, instead of the President, and I knew that something was really wrong. I think my mail went through, but I don’t know that for sure. Maybe I’m remembering that wrong. Maybe I’m not really divorced.
Myka: Forgive me, but it sounds like you are regardless. A divorce doesn’t happen once the lawyers get the paperwork. It happens when you decide that it needs to. Of course, until those papers are signed, you can always change your mind, but you did sign them. You did make that decision, and your ex did too, didn’t they?
Leonard: Yeah, she signed them first.
Myka: I’m not asking for your love, I’m just asking what your love is gonna take.
Leonard: Those are song lyrics where I come from. Did you do that on purpose?
Myka: A man I once knew said that to me long ago. Maybe he was from your universe too. Look, I know we’re dealing with a lot right now, but we both deserve to be happy. I just want you to know that it’s okay to be a little selfish. Not everything is about DExA.
Leonard: You’re right. But let’s start slow. We can’t really go out to eat, so...wanna check out the shooting range that Micro apparently built herself?

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