Thursday, September 28, 2023

Microstory 1984: Pancakes Come First

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Myka: Are we sure about this?
Reese: No, but everyone else is safe at the third location, and this is the best chance we have to getting our jobs back. I want to work with Director Washington, but we have to make sure that we can trust her.
Myka: Anaïs doesn’t think she’s a mole.
Reese: Even if she isn’t, she may lock us all up just because we ran. This is the best test I can come up with. Well...Anaïs came up with it, but I approved it, so the responsibility falls upon my shoulders. Of course, she could pass with flying colors, and then screw us over later, so maybe none of this matters.
Leonard: Today cannot be understood before tomorrow becomes yesterday.
Myka: Did you come up with that?
Leonard: It’s from a poet from my world.
Myka: *sighing after a pause* Why didn’t we give the Director the third location, and keep everyone safe here. Isn’t Micro upset about this place possibly being burned.
Micro: *walking up* This is a great lair. She’ll believe it’s where we’ve been hiding, because we have. I don’t mind it being burned. I have more copies of this in other universes. Don’t you worry your pretty little self about me.
Reese: You don’t have to be here, though. You can hide with the others.
Micro: Like she’d believe you could do any of this without me. *starts to step away*
Reese: Hey, wait. How are your sensors? Are you detecting any strike team?
Micro: A-okay, boss. We’re clear. Balls to the wall. Once more, unto the breach. That’s poetry from my world. [...] She’s here, doe.
*after a few moments, the door opens, and Director Washington comes in alone*
Reese: *clearing his throat* Madam Director, you found it.
Director Washington: It wasn’t that hard. I didn’t start out in an office, you know.
Reese: Of course, sir. Thank you for coming. Juice? Tea? Pastries?
Washington: Is this Sunday brunch, or did you wanna discuss business?
Reese: I want us to come back together.
Washington: That’s what I want too, Subdirector Parsons. You’re the ones who left. *looking around* Where is everyone else anyway?
Reese: Valentine Duval is working security. Everyone else is presently...out.
Washington: *thinking about it* This was a test. You only gave me your location to see what I would do with this information? You thought I might attack?
Micro: *coming back into the main area* Yeah, you came alone. What’s with that? Don’t you have your own bodyguards?
Washington: Like I was just saying, I was not always an administrator. I can look after myself. Now. Subdirector Parsons—
Reese: Am I still a subdirector? Am I anything to the government but a fugitive?
Washington: Yes, Subdirector Parsons. I know that we are in the midst of corruption issues, and I know that you are not one of these corrupted people. I would be glad to discuss reintegration, but must tell me where the others are.
Micro: No, first...pancakes.

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