Friday, September 15, 2023

Microstory 1975: Team Head

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Investigator Blass: Sir, do you have a minute?
Myka: Sure. Agent Blass, right? What can I do for you?
Blass: Investigator, but just call me Blass. I have some sensitive information, and I’m not sure who I should share it with. I’m hopeful that you’re that person, but...
Myka: You need me to prove myself, which you never expected to ask of a superior.
Blass: Sir.
Myka: I’m not your superior, Agent. I’m just in charge of the building until Agent Parsons returns from assignment. Unfortunately, we have some bad timing, so I’ve had to cover, but I’m mostly only qualified to make sure there’s enough soap in the bathrooms, and pickles in the fridge.
Blass: I don’t like pickles sir, and we can’t wait for Subdirector Parsons.
Myka: Subdirector? Is that his new title?
Blass: He leads the subdepartment of a major government department, so yes.
Myka: I see. Go ahead and tell me what you need to get off your chest. If it turns out you can’t trust me, you probably wouldn’t have had much luck finding someone better. I’m not at the top, but I’m also an outsider, which means I don’t have any interest or experience in internal organizational politics.
Blass: That’s some interesting logic there. *hesitates still* We’ve been training for months. As soon as that first alien showed up in our world, the government started preparing for the second one, and a possible oncoming invasion. We were pulled from all relevant walks of life. We’ve got people with military backgrounds, law enforcement; we even have our own former parole officer, if you can believe it. She’s anxious to meet Supervisory Agent Miazga. As far as I know, I was the only one relocated from the ICC.
Myka: I’m afraid I’ve never heard of that one.
Blass: Internal Compliance Commission.
Myka: Oh.
Blass: While the others were training to fight, I was there to spy on them.
Myka: Did you find something?
Blass: I found someone. Only one, I believe, but it’s a big deal. He has ties to Russia, North Korea...and Mississippi.
Myka: *shaking her head* Don’t say what I think you’re gonna say.
Blass: I didn’t realize before, because we’ve been arriving at these headquarters in waves, but now that everyone else is accounted for, I was able to jump to two possible conclusions. Either the mole was caught by someone else, and extracted, or... 
Myka: Or he was already here. And now he’s out there.
Blass: Yes, there were rumors that someone was put on assignment early.
Myka: Thank you, Blass. I need to make a call. *dials on the computer*
Blass: Sir. *leaves*
Reese: *on the video screen* I can’t talk right now, Mykey. We’re operational. *into the radio* Shoot only on my command!
Myka: Don’t let him shoot anyone, Reese! He’s dirty!
Sachs: *fires rifle*

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