Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Microstory 1977: Deflection

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Reese: No. No. You’re not going anywhere. I want everyone in this room right now.
Sachs: This isn’t everyone. Where’s the paroler, and his partner? And where did the agent just run off to?
Reese: I sent Agent Altimari to the rendezvous point to find the other two you mentioned. She’s the only one here who I trust. The three of you, however, have some explaining to do. Let’s start with you, Sergeant. Why did you fire your weapon?
Sachs: You ordered me to.
Reese: No, I did not.
Sachs: Yes, you did. My spotter told me that I had a shot, and then you said to shoot. I distinctly remember it.
Reese: I told you to only shoot upon my order. If I had wanted you to actually shoot, I would have said fire. That’s why we use two different words; for contextual clarity.
Sachs: Well, that’s not how  I was trained. Something must have gone wrong with the comms. *scowls at Micro* That’s not my department.
Micro: There was nothing wrong with the equipment. I heard his orders just fine. He said, and I quote, shoot only on my command.
Sachs: I’m telling you, I didn’t hear that part. I thought he was telling me to shoot.
Reese: Mr. Dreyer?
Sasho: *looks over at Sachs*
Reese: No, don’t look at him. I’m your superior, you answer to me. Did you hear my complete sentence?
Sasho: *relenting with a sigh* Yes, I heard it. He told you to wait.
Sachs: This is bullshit. I don’t understand why you’re interrogating me when it’s obvious that your buddy and the ex-con are the problem here. They were headed up the stairs, probably to rescue their friend, and now all three of them are gone. They didn’t reach out to you. They didn’t leave a note.
Reese: They’re probably at the rendezvous spot, like I said.
Sachs: And if they aren’t? Are you going to keep trusting them, or are you going to start listening to reason?
*a mug on the table suddenly explodes*
Reese: *sidearm in hand* We’re under attack. Defensive positions!
Sachs: *stands up, and turns around* I told you! *stiffens up, and falls to the floor*
Micro: Tell me, Agent Parsons, do they have psychology in your universe? *turns Sachs to his stomach* And did your psychologists ever come up with the idea of deflection?
Reese: *pointing the gun at her* Explain yourself.
Anaïs: *coming in from the back* He’s the traitor. We have proof. *holds the tranquilizer gun at Sasho* We don’t know anything about this guy, though.
Sasho: I didn’t do anything. *drops his own gun*
Reese: Everyone, drop your weapon. Micro, once you’re done tying him up, do the same to your partner, then Dreyer, and then yourself. I’m going to get to the bottom of this. I detected your private channel during the stakeout. What did you say to Leonard?
Micro: I’ll explain everything, but only in a whisper...and you have to be naked.

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