Monday, September 4, 2023

Microstory 1966: Safehouse School

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Reese: Sergeant?
Sachs: Sachs.
Reese: Sachs, right. You searched the safehouse?
Sachs: It’s secure. We can start setting up.
Reese: *into his radio* Bring the equipment on in, Sasho. *to Sachs* Sasho and Sachs. Those two names are uncomfortably close. Hey, what’s your middle name, Sasho?
Sasho: *lugging luggage down the hall* Risto.
Reese: Really?
Sachs: Reese and Risto. That’s better.
Micro: Oh, this room is fine, Sachs Reese—I mean Sasho Risto—you can just drop that stuff anywhere. I’ll sort it out.
Ophelia: What does all this stuff do?
Micro: Everythings. All the thing. Surveillance, tracking, ordering pizza.
Reese: You two set up the computers. Sasho, follow me. I need you for something. Grab that bag. No, not that one. Yes, that one. Sachs, you know which case to grab. *leads them up to the attic* Okay. There’s a lot of space up here, which is good, but you could technically do this in a bathroom. Sasho, if you’ll open that up, you’ll find a projector and screen. Go ahead and lay everything out on this table.
Sachs: Is that what I think it is?
Reese: State of the art.
Sasho: I don’t understand. What is all this stuff for?
Sachs: *picking up a small object* This goes on the trigger?
Reese: Yes. Sasho, this is a sniper training toolkit. It’s a highly advanced altered reality system, which simulates real-world conditions for targets in any environment, at a distance up to four kilometers. It’s basically a simulation game that teaches you how to shoot without firing any real bullets. We’re limited by resources and space here. We can’t teach you how to spot in the middle of downtown Memphis, Mississippi. Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to learn everything in a few days, but you have to start somewhere. The training program is generally eight months, and if you would like to do that, we can discuss at a later date, but while others on the team are trying to locate our target, I figured you might as well get a taste.
Sasho: Yeah.
Reese: You did want this, right? You told me on the plane you wanted to branch out from your experience as a jailer.
Sasho: Yeah, I do. I just didn’t expect to start anything so soon. This all looks expensive. Is it all for me?
Sachs: It’s for me too. I’ve always wanted to learn with something like this. You can do it anywhere, anytime. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m out of practice, but I’ve not been in combat for a few years. This can reportedly simulate just about anything.
Reese: You wanna try it? The stakes are incredibly low. That’s why scientists and engineers designed it in the first place.
Sasho: Okay. Start at the beginning. What do I do?

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