Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Microstory 1968: On the Books

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Moenia: Hey, Becca. I could have come to you.
Anaïs: Nice try, Moe. This one’s on the books, but I’m not meant to know anyone here.
Moenia: I get it, you don’t want me to see where you’re camped out.
Anaïs: Are you still in the game?
Moenia: Depends on what you’re lookin’ for. Wadya need this time? I got guns. I got gizmos. I got poisons and easy paper, if you’re into that sort of thing.
Anaïs: You know I’m not. I need to find someone. Reports are that he’s in town.
Moenia: He’s from the states proper?
Anaïs: Don’t know. We don’t know his name either, but we have the phone number he calls from. He doesn’t understand that the point of a burner is to burn it before too long.
Moenia: Who’s this we you’re talking about? You got yourself a new crew?
Anaïs: Somethin’ like that. Can you help me, or what?
Moenia: Nah, man. I’ve been outta Missi for almost as long as you have. I’m not touched in anymore.
Anaïs: That’s disappointing, Moe-Moe.
Moenia: Don’t you worry your pretty little self about it, though. I may know a guy.
Anaïs: You do? What guy?
Moenia: Well...I may know a guy who knows a guy.
Anaïs: That’s reassuring.
Moenia: Word is, he can find anyone in the city. I myself have never had the displeasure of needing anyone dead, but if you’ve got the hitch, lemme hook you up...for a small finder’s fee, o’ course.
Anaïs: I don’t need ‘im dead. I just need to find ‘im.
Moenia: Right, you just wanna talk. *airquotes* I get it.
Anaïs: You’ll get your fee, don’t ask questions. Give me the contact info for your guy who knows a guy. This is time sensitive.  A lot is at stake.
Moenia: You make it sound like the whole world’s in danger.
Anaïs: [...]
Moenia: Ah, shit. You’re on a shady trip. I don’t want no part of that. When you go in, you go in hard, and I don’t wanna hear about this on the books crap. I know you lyin’.
Anaïs: I’m not lying, it’s on the books. It’s just...a different book.
Moenia: Shit, Becca. You’re gonna get me killed. You’re not even under, are you? You got yourself a whole team this time. Where are they? Sniper on the roof?
Anaïs: The sniper’s back at the safehouse. They don’t know about this. Now can you put me in touch with the finder, or not?
Moenia: Yeah, I’ll get you his number, but you didn’t get it from me. I don’t want money for this, I just wanna get the hell out of this territory.
Anaïs: We may need your services later. We brought tools, but somethin’ may come up.
Moenia: Nah, I’m not stickin’ around. Give me your new number, I’ll do one more thing, and then I’m out. I know better than to be in Mississippi when Hurricane Becca rolls in. You need help at the Canadian border, I’m your man, but not here. It’s too hot.
Anaïs: All right, Moenia. You get me what I need, and I won’t bother you again.

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