Monday, November 9, 2015

Microstory 186: Cleopatra Marino

Some anomalies believed their abilities to be amazing gifts, and really focused on trying to figure out how to utilize these gifts to their maximum potential. Some used them for good, others for not so good, but there were some who remained neutral. Cleopatra Marino was born with superhuman strength. Instead of joining some kind of military faction, or saving people from burning buildings, Cleopatra used her abilities in the moving business. She was the primary reason why the company she worked for became one of the most popular moving companies in Australia, specializing in extremely quick and efficient moves. All of her coworkers were aware of her superstrength, and worked carefully to make sure that no one else noticed. One of them would pretend to help her with a piece of furniture, or a heavy box, but they would be able to carry it at a much faster rate, and get the job done faster overall. For the most part, Cleopatra’s life was uneventful. There were never any rumors about what she could do, or any question as to how the company she worked for was so successful. And so she found herself in a rut. Her coworkers kept encouraging her to head for Usonia and join Bellevue, but she hesitated. She knew that her ability could prove useful, but she wasn’t sure whether she was interested in that at all. After some prodding, however, they were able to convince her to at least make a phone call. A representative from Bellevue made the trip to speak with her in Newcastle and they eventually came to the conclusion that there was no reason for her to leave her home. But the world would be better served if she changed careers. Cleopatra was not the head of operations in Australia, but she was its singular anomaly operative. She roamed the states and territories, carrying out missions and protecting people where she could.

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