Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Microstory 197: Alicia Baxter

Alicia Baxter found herself to be a magnet for anomalies, though she herself was not an anomaly. After living for many years in the same foster home as Freeman Sesto and Gus Arnett, she left the country. She found herself traveling all over the world, taking odd jobs and often just helping people she encountered with their personal problems. Though not born with an ability, she possessed the necessary genetic traits to acquire one, which is exactly what happened upon developing strong enough feelings for Gus. She chose to keep this a secret from pretty much everyone; even him. Many anomalies throughout a period before the founding of Bellevue called her a trusted friend and confidant. It was unclear how she was able to find so many anomalies independently of each other, but a common theory was some sort of spiritual connection. She helped Paulo Rocha with his adopted daughter when she was an unruly teenage girl with no one around to relate to. She was on the scene one time when Dores Roach was healing someone, and helped her and her friend escape the area before being spotted by the authorities. She even once accompanied Patience Cooney on a few particularly dangerous missions to transport refugees using her stones. She met other anomalies, but she never revealed this fact to any of them until they had been integrated with Bellevue. Alicia was considered to be the heart and soul of the organization. She spent a lot of time away from the hotel in its earlier days, both doing unrelated volunteer work, and helping Gus and Freeman in secret. After joining Bellevue full time, Alicia coordinated with North American field operatives, which was far and away the largest department. She also continued her role as a mentor for anyone who felt the need for it, and kept their secrets from others.

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