Thursday, November 26, 2015

Microstory 199: Crescentia ‘Tia’ Norris

A normal anomaly ability will exploit some sort of physical phenomenon, often to wondrous results, but it will always remain within the laws of physics. It’s easy to manipulate the temperature of the environment; people do it all the time with furnaces. Therasia Jarvi is really just a different way of doing this. It’s impressive, but not impossible. The dimension that Jaklyn Simonds uses to teleport already exists, and can theoretically be opened using technology. In fact, this kind of thing becomes commonplace following advances in transportation. Crescentia Norris—who generally preferred to go by Tia because it was easier for others pronounce—on the other hand, broke a major physical law. She could change her size at will; growing to become a giant, or shrinking to become an ant. This broke the law of conservation of mass, which dictates that mass cannot be spontaneously added or removed. It always has to either come from, or go, somewhere. Though Adam Nicks did eventually uncover an explanation for her, no one else knew how she was able to do this, and even he couldn’t explain it until certain other events revealed clues as to her origins. Like Stella Pelto, her status as an anomaly was rather unclear. She carried genetic properties that scientists would expect to find, but there were also surprising differences in the data. Tia came out of a family of two of the nicest people one could ever meet. They had previously lost a daughter to an unfortunate death, but they held strong. They took care of their second daughter, and taught her how to be a good person. They encouraged her to use her abilities to change the world, and when she was ready, to find others like her. She was one of the first members of Bellevue, and could regularly be found arguing with the founder on best practices. But the two of them were destined to become extraordinary allies, and would always have Bellevue’s best interests at heart, and be working to ensure that the organization never fell apart during its growing pains (pun intended). Tia developed an unbreakable bond with Cosmo, Tamra, and Mason as well. The four of them would later separate into their respective departments, and maintain a balance across the board. Despite her major contributions to history, most people ended up forgetting about her altogether. I won’t get into why. You’re liable to forget.

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