Thursday, November 19, 2015

Microstory 194: Otto Vann

Otto Vann was a wicked man. He was the most twisted of his siblings, having fully embraced their violent cult that encouraged torture. But be took things one step further, choosing to brutally murder people just for fun. The purpose of their sect’s form of torture was to recruit a following, but Otto had an insatiable thirst for death. He became a notorious serial killer across all of Europe. Yet his existence was really only rumored. He never killed the same way twice, and he did not have a hunting ground. He would cross into a different country for each kill, and only circle back around once he was finished with all of the others. Of course, his kill count was never really known, but it was estimated to have been in hundreds, possibly over a thousand. Like his sister and twin brother, his ability was fairly weak, but it was enough to come in handy. He was capable of manipulating the oxygen in the immediate area, and would regularly use it to make his victims unable to breath, without having to leave any marks. He would also use a special technique to make his torture victims high on the oxygen, so that they could be more easily influenced into falling in line. Otto's family was not entirely aware of his proclivities, but they knew that he was going beyond his calling. His brother tried to get him to be more careful, his sister did her best to stay out of it, and his parents couldn't care less, as long as it wasn't interfering with his responsibility to increase the numbers of their cult. He was finally discovered after trying to join up with Bellevue, and later died a prisoner. But his life was not a complete waste. His ability was replicated with technology, and used to create a new form of firefighting. Instead of trying to drown or snuff out the flames, their fuel source could simply be sucked away in an instant.

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