Friday, November 27, 2015

Microstory 200: Keegan Honors

Keegan Honors was the founder of Bellevue. She appeared to be much younger than she really was, and this caused people to underestimate her and treat her like a child. In turn, she became frustrated and sarcastic with them, like the teenager they thought she was. This continued in a vicious cycle so that she was never really that effective of a leader. In the end, even though she eventually started aging, she had to step down from her leadership position to let Mason Palomino take the reigns. He kept her close as an advisor, however, since she had so much more life experience than he did. Keegan was given the callsign of Keystone. She was the glue that held all other anomalies together. Though people with anomaly genetic traits had existed for millennia, they could not be activated until Keegan was born. She only activated several dozen people, and even she was not clear why this happened. She certainly did not consciously activate these people, and these people alone. She even later tried to activate a carrier directly, but was unable to do so. Whatever was connecting anomalies together, Keegan was part of it, but was not in control of it. She did have the ability to locate and keep track of anomalies around the world. With this knowledge, she created a list. But the majority of this list was lost to her before she was able to use it, and her ability was taken from her by a mysterious somebody. She conducted research on the few people who she still knew of, and determined which ones to contact first. She found Basil, a rich business magnate, to back them so they could use the fact that members did not need to work as incentive. She found a criminal, Straton who could teach them useful skills. It was important to her that the anomalies she gathered did not depend on their abilities. She of all people knew what it was like to be hopelessly vulnerable. She wanted to form an organization built around anomalies, but not composed exclusively of them. She felt that the world needed a singular unit of law enforcement, and that the Confederacy was not equipped to accomplish this. It was always her plan to create an agency, rather than a league, and it was Valary who understood her sentiments more than anyone, and helped make this vision a reality. Even though most of the decisions were made by others, history did not forget that this whole thing was Keegan’s idea, and that none of it would be possible without her...literally.

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