Monday, November 2, 2015

Microstory 181: Blossom Sadler

As a little girl, Blossom Sadler attended one of those one room schools designed for children of all ages. She was one of the first anomalies to be born, and grew up in a rural part of Oklahoma, right on the border of the Republic of Texas. Her mother, in fact, was a Texian who gained dual citizenship of both Texas and Usona. Every one of her classmates was aware of her telepathic ability. On the outside, they appeared to be a disinterested class. They were quiet, attentive, and completed their lessons without asking too many questions. But on the inside, they were carrying on secret conversations. Blossom could not only communicate telepathically with anyone and everyone within her vicinity, but could also open up what were later referred to as private lines so that small groups could communicate independent of the others. She acted like a switchboard, connecting parties to each other. One might think to use this as a way to cheat on assignments, but it ended up having the opposite effect. It allowed a more intimate and open-minded dialog amongst the students. The older students were already encouraged to lift up the younger ones, but by being able to connect telepathically, this assistance became so much more profound and useful. None of the students was particularly bright, but these deep connections transformed them into several of the most successful and prosperous adults of their time. They went on to become doctors, advocates, politicians, and brilliant artists. As Blossom’s range expanded across the country, and later the continent, they were able to remain in touch with each other, something that was quite difficult for most people in a time before email, or even telephones. As some of the more powerful people in the world, the classmates were perfectly positioned to provide Bellevue with what they needed to operate safely in the world, even against opposition. They decided to do this in secret, and chose only to involve themselves with the organization directly once the majority of other anomalies had already been uncovered. Blossom’s range had increased by then to allow her to connect with people around the entire world, though she used her ability to primarily work field support for African operatives. She died having lived a full life, and her ability was ultimately reproduced to turn anyone who wanted into telepaths.

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