Friday, November 20, 2015

Microstory 195: Vilhelm Kardos

After accidentally being responsible for a balcony collapse, Vilhelm Kardos took a vow of silence. He was born with the ability to manipulate his own density, which means that he could be as light as a feather, or as heavy as an anvil. This allowed him to walk on water, and somewhat in the air as a mild level of flight. In its natural state, his body was extremely durable and strong, but he could also adjust the atoms he was composed of so as to pass unharmed through solid matter. His ability promised a number of impressive military applications, and so he was recruited by a paramilitary organization. He never agreed to join them, but part of his vow of silence was to abstain from argument in any form. He allowed them to take him away without pushing back, even though he could get past them easily. They spent weeks trying to break him down and convince him to help them, but he never said a word. He remained in his cell the entire time, moving only to eat, drink, and relieve himself. After finally resigning themselves to the fact that Vilhelm was never going to budge on his position, they switched tactics and pulled him into a new program. They used technology to steal his ability and transfer it to Phaedra Wirth. An unfortunate side effect of this was his death. Phaedra later turned on her superiors and went on to use his ability for good, but his influence on Bellevue and the world was not limited to this. Out of his years of silence came a plan, and a series of events first set by him that would shift humanity into a new age.

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