Thursday, November 12, 2015

Microstory 189: Levi Jacobson

Levi Jacobson was a moody child, and an even moodier adult. He was generally happy when his father was around, but not always. He was pretty hard to please, and the smallest of inconveniences could set him off. He was anomaly by his mother's blood, and this allowed him a level of flight. While his later love interest, Ellen could initially only fly upwards, Levi could only levitate a few meters from the surface, at most, and fly forwards. He spent a lot of time over the ocean, because that was the best way to avoid people seeing his ability in action. At one point, this led him to Hawaii where he met, and fell in love with, Ellen. She was the first other anomaly he had ever seen, and their love ultimately allowed their respective abilities to evolve. But Levi was not just an anomaly. His father had abilities of his own; ones that predated anomalies by millennia. His ability to travel through time was an accident; and it led him to break a number of other rules. His kind was not allowed to procreate, and this was the kind of rule that could fundamentally not be broken. Anyone who made an attempt would be met with failure; be it interruption, the simple inability to conceive, or miscarriage. But he could not be caught, and could thusly not be stopped. He fathered many children, with more than one woman, who were able to manipulate time in their own ways. But not all of these children knew where they came from, and those that did would regularly lose their memories. Levi had some understanding of his father's past, but lacked discipline and control, which only served to fuel his anger. He encountered one of his siblings as an adult, but neither of them knew this, and she was torn from him before they had the chance to learn the truth.

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