Monday, November 23, 2015

Microstory 196: Gary Prose

Like Molly Bloom, Gary Prose was completely immune to radiation, though he was not an anomaly. His was a nearly unique case of someone being born with special abilities due to highly recent occurrences. His father past away before he was born, and his mother felt incapable of taking care of him amidst her infamy, and so Gary was adopted by the Proses. They were decent parents, but like Jaklyn’s, were of little consequence. Gary left home after graduating from tertiary school, and only spoke with his family on occasion. Until the time he joined Bellevue, not much is known about his life. It was always unclear how he even came to know about the existence of the nascent organization since he was not an anomaly, and had never been caught using his powers. Gary possessed the ability to siphon radiation from the simplex dimensions, and produce them outwardly. This was not something he did very often, as it served little purpose but for destruction. He was also, not immune, but heavily resistant to drugs. It would take a higher amount of tranquilizers, for instance, to put him down, and he would still process the chemicals and wake up from the ensuing sleep much faster than a normal person. There was no apparent connection between radiation manipulation and drug resistance, and so there was much confusion over what was going on with him. Aside from his more obvious skills, Gary was a brilliant strategist, known for being able to develop extraordinarily complex projects, and being the master of the contingency plan. His motives were always mysterious, and any attempt to understand him was met with a new surprise. He formed a romantic bond with Jaklyn Simonds, one powerful enough to cause him to absorb her teleporting ability and use it for himself, but still he seemed only ever to be using her for his own gain. Theirs was a toxic relationship; one that leaked into the dynamics of the entire group, causing tensions and incidents, and even a few deaths. But Gary had plans for Bellevue, and for the world, and sometimes his radical ideas were shared by unexpected allies.

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