Monday, January 9, 2017

Microstory 491: Teacher

The Teacher’s behavior is often misinterpreted as condescending, but he is always acting in the best interests of those around him. His primary goal in life is promote the education of the populace. Though he has sub-magnus degrees in educational philosophy and theology, he’s never worked as an actual teacher. Instead, he uses his own education and experience to lobby for educational programs designed to lift society, and propel the galaxy towards enlightenment. He never really wanted to be in the military, and is actually a pacifist, but pragmatism and family legacy sort of forced him into it. Though he accepts his new role, and will harm people in order to protect the innocent—and his team—he will always look for a nonviolent solution. Much like The Counselor, he likes to help others find their way, and will become especially excited when he encounters a challenge. He finds that helping others learn something new helps him understand it better, or even in the first place. He is excellent at planning for the future, and is an invaluable source in creating safeguards and contingencies for potential problems. Though his ability to predict the future nowhere near matches what The Crafter possesses, their similar perspectives as big-picture thinkers leads them to having an interesting—and unexpected—friendship with each other. Before joining the team, he was taking part in a special mission that very few people even knew about, including The Crafter. But it is what he learns while on the team that puts him in a position to really execute change...and save the galaxy.

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