Thursday, January 5, 2017

Microstory 489: Supervisor

Right from the start, the founder of the renegade group could see that the one eventually known as Supervisor could be a great leader in her own right. Early on in the ordeal, she would submit to others, but she ultimately had little choice in whether people looked up to her or not. She ends up sort of falling into being responsible for managing the details of the day-to-day operations, while the other appointed leaders plan the overall goals of the group. Her focus is mainly on the short-term, and she finds herself drawn to directing the people themselves, rather than policy or outreach. Her honesty and high standards have gotten her into trouble in the past, but everyone now seems to find it refreshing, necessary, and a vital force for good. Unlike nearly everyone else, by the time military service came on her radar, she had only earned a technical certification in team management. As young and inexperienced, however, as she appeared to be, she is actually quite knowledgeable. She has already been through more than most people do in centuries. Her only true confidant is her partner, whose connection and relationship with her remained a secret for quite a long time. They did not join the military for the usual reasons, and it is these secrets that give her an advantage over their enemies. The Supervisor is the most dedicated and loyal member of the cause. When others begin to doubt their resolve, she interferes and reminds them what they’re fighting for. She believes in rules, but more so in people, and trusts them to either follow procedure accordingly, or come up with better ideas. It’s true that she likes to push her agenda, but that agenda always aligns with the greater good, and so she doesn’t limit herself to her own perspective. She might be the greatest unsung hero in the history of the universe.

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