Monday, January 16, 2017

Microstory 496: Performer

The member of the team who most easily adapts to the new dynamic is The Performer. She accepts their situation almost immediately, but she has trouble dealing with the future. She’s always done a great job of reacting to problems as they come across, but has never enjoyed, or really even appreciated the concept of, preparing for future consequences. She experiences a constant inner conflict between doing the right thing, and just letting everything go. She is quick to discover the easy way out of a situation, which often involves cutting her losses and running. She feels a strong sense of love for everyone in her group, and develops these connections surprisingly quickly, but then feels an apathy for anyone she has not met personally. She understands on an intellectual level their duty, but does not fully recognize the intensity of their new life. She has a sub-magnus degree in weapons & combat. Spontaneous, and a little ill-tempered, the Performer can be a little delusional about how defiant she is against authority. She wants to be a team player, but doesn’t always realize what that means, and how she should modify her behavior. Her team eventually learns to not turn their backs on her when they’re planning a mission. As soon as she finds out when and where they’re going to be, she’s likely to run off and try to take care of it on her own. If anyone can handle a team mission by herself, it’s certainly her, but that doesn’t make it a good idea. Rest assured as well, if there is too much tension, or awkward silence, in the room, she is going to find a way to break it. She’s always good for an inappropriate joke, or a quip about superficial qualities of their opponents. Her capacity for loyalty is really only outshined by her ability to pretend like it doesn’t exist. She is highly extroverted and entertaining, but very few people truly know her, because she carefully constructs a facade to protect herself, and those around her, as she’ll claim. Work hard enough on a relationship with her, though, and always try to give her the benefit of the doubt, and she will ultimately come through for you.

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