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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Microstory 497: Mastermind

Ah, The Mastermind. Bold, clear-headed, and sometimes rather rude, he knows what needs to be done, and doesn’t wait for his team to catch up. Like the Performer, he too will run off on unsanctioned missions. The main difference is that he never apologizes for it, and is less adept at reacting to unforeseen circumstances. That’s not to say he isn’t smart. He is, in reality, likely more intelligent than nearly everyone else in the group. The Crafter may be the only one he wouldn’t be able to measure up to. Unlike many other smart people, though, he’s never felt the need to prove himself to anyone, least of all himself. His ideas more often than not clash with those of other, and he has trouble relating to them. He sees things one way, and doesn’t really understand why anyone would not see it that way. He knows intellectually that there are as many perspectives as there are people, but doesn’t really like to fall in line, and act accordingly. He possesses what’s known as a super-magnus degree in literature. Basically this means that he is one of the greatest authorities of the subject, and that you would have a hard time finding anyone who knows more than him. This degree can take centuries to reach, and doesn’t really allow for much else. He can read a full-length novel in a matter of minutes, and comprehend it excellently. Unfortunately, he doesn’t always apply his knowledge appropriately to social or business situations, which makes it difficult for people to want to work with him. His brother is The Composer, but you would not know that if you weren’t made aware of their last names. They do not have a brotherly relationship with each other, and each one has to earn respect from the other through professional conduct. To be clear, the Mastermind is a very good person, who has always kept an open-mind..about...having an open mind. Over time, working with the group changes him, and he goes on to be just as much of a hero as everyone else.

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