Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Microstory 493: Inspector

For certain political reasons, the most senior member of the military contingency becomes unable to lead the team. She remains as...a consultant, but someone else has to take charge of the team, and be the public face of it. She thusly appoints The Inspector to be the de facto leader. This works out, because the Inspector feels a responsibility towards them anyway. She failed her first attempt at enlisting and has slightly more experience than the others, so she takes her job seriously. She failed before because of her inability to make snap-judgment calls, but she knows now that they won’t survive if that character flaw isn’t addressed. Her team trusts her for her loyalty, realistic perspective, and dependability. She values planning and organization, but knows when to delegate tasks...and appreciates a level of interpretation. Thorough and careful, the Inspector works tirelessly to protect the legacy of her fallen comrades, while understanding that this is the time for drastic change. She pushes the galaxy into the future, and instead of dismissing their enemy’s wishes, tries to find compromises. She respects everyone’s position, and though she can, at times, be impatient, always recognizes other people’s strengths. And that is her biggest strength. She has a sub-sub-magnus degree in public administration.

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