Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Microstory 498: Provider

The Provider, as you would imagine, is known for being incredibly generous. He spends most of his time worrying about others, and making sure they know that he’s available for them. He has leadership qualities—and is, in fact, placed in a position of power for the team—but chooses to have little to do with actual decision-making. Instead, he finds himself roaming from unit to unit, offering moral support and spiritual advice. He does not feel that he knows more about cooking than anyone else but gladly contributes in that area, ensuring everyone’s needs are met, both physically and emotionally. Think of him as a stereotypical bartender, pointlessly wiping down the bar...listening intently to your problems. He treats the people around him very much like The Counselor in that way. One thing that makes this easier for him is his excellent social memory. He never forgets a name, and never forgets a face. Nor is he likely to forget anything someone told him about themselves, no matter how insignificant. He’s the guy who asks you about your neighbor’s once-ill pet years after you mentioned it in passing during a brief conversation. He is very concerned with the quality of the group’s dynamic. Though they don’t really have any downtime, he sort of forces upon them his agenda of team-building and cooperation. With all these different types of people trying to work together, he understands the necessity of creating a healthy and well-balanced work environment. His life has not always been so great and fulfilling, though. His desire to provide for people was stunted while working at a dead-end sales job for a large corporation. He felt disgusting selling people things that they didn’t need, and eventually generated enough courage to quit and try to make something good out of his life. People were surprised when he joined the military, but he saw no greater service to his convictions. It is perhaps his actions that make the greatest impact on the future of the galaxy.

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