Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Microstory 507: Human Visitors Claim to be From Another Universe

One day, two aliens appeared out of nowhere on one of the moons of Shaouren. Though only a few scientists were present at the time, apparently everyone in the solar system felt something change. There were even reports of a gleaming light from Shaouren’s heavenly zenith. This is, of course, not Shaouren’s first encounter with an alien species, though other first contacts were that of other Concordians. Experts still cannot explain why peoples from other star systems share our basic genetic structure, but the system has become accustomed to it, even though most have come with violent intentions. Those who have met these two new aliens have expressed experiencing a culture shock. Earlier today, the aliens appeared in front of a broadcast, and explained themselves. They started off by giving their names, and a little bit about their home planets. Deeper biographical information can be found on the next page of this publication. Perhaps the most surprising revelation, however, is where their respective planets can be found. They are, apparently, from different galaxies themselves, but both are from some other universe. That’s right, the distance they traveled to reach us cannot even be measured in lightyears. Their answers to questions were confusing, but the description of their universe makes it sound like some other plane of existence, as if they were gods come down as avatars. The visitors rejected this characterization, but were unable to come up with a better alternative. They have also guaranteed that they do not come with plans of ill will or conflict, and seek only to return to their families. Details are sketchy, but the scientists who incidentally greeted them were working on a secret project that may or may not have been related to their arrival. All attempts of returning the aliens home, however, have been met with failure. Like us, their lands are presently fraught with war, and they are in desperate need of returning so that they can help protect their loved ones from an imminent attack. Their technology appears to be more or less at the same level with ours, as they were both unimpressed, and nonjudgmental, about our transportation and hospitality capabilities. They are currently staying at an undisclosed location, sponsored by the head government, but a possible visiting and exploration program is not outside the realm of possibility. There have also been talks of diplomatic discussions with their universe of origin, but experts believe this kind of prediction to be dramatically premature. I am planning a series surrounding their arrival and dealings with us, the Concordians. Keep following for more information.

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