Monday, January 23, 2017

Microstory 501: New Hitch Series Moving Forward

Regalia Filcher, spokesperson for the Earthan Film Reclamation Institute has officially announced that the company will be moving forward with the next chapter in the Hitch franchise. The new series will be the first time we’ve visited the Hitch universe since The Trial of Allegra Cole. Insiders have said that it will be released in half-standard hour weekly installments, but episode count has not yet been determined. This news comes at the heels of an announcement from the Eridani military of initial talks with the new Fostean government regarding a possible alliance against the continuing Nectean invasion. Analysts have not been confident that any film production would be going forward due to military and social unrest the likes of which the Core has not seen since The Arrival From the Right. Filcher has said that she and her team made the decision to maintain all production business not in spite of, but because of, the war. She had this to say:

I was 239 years old when I first saw the original Earthan film that started it all. Like many others, I could see [Hitch’s] potential. Its popularity across the galaxy quickly outshined its target demographic, and not just because system population is well over a hundred times larger than that of Earth. The sequels, prequels, spinoffs, weekly programs, and books have expanded the universe beyond all imagination. There’s a reason we in the industry call it ‘the second singularity’. I’m proud to have served in this organization, and look forward to our next stage.

No word on plot has been revealed, but rumors have been cycling that it will focus on the character of Tom Reda—originally played by Earthan Jack Hartnett, and later by Halstad actor Jireyno Kaklen—who has not been seen since the third feature-length film when he heroically threw himself in front of a bus to free his friend’s daughter from a hostage situation, and has presumably been in a coma this entire time. Since Kaklen’s unexpected retirement from acting to work fulltime on the farms of Eubolos, it’s likely that they will have to recast the role. There have also been rumors that Maria Thayer herself will return, but that she may be playing a different character than she did in the original. She was recently spotted touring the Garden of Hortus as one of the few privileged Earthan humans recruited to ease uproar should the Thuriamen succeed in their goal to reveal the truth to all of Earth. If it turns out to be true that she’s been cast in a Core production, she will follow in the footsteps of the greats like Pauly Shore, Linda Fiorentino of Men in Black: Off Earth fame, and of course Gene Hackman, who has been a staple of Core Originals since KST 2419. We will update this story as more information comes in.

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