Thursday, January 19, 2017

Microstory 499: Champion

The Champion is very physically strong, and is often underestimated as nothing but a brute. He is, however, very soft-spoken and intelligent. He is skeptical of his own ability, though, and requires a lot of encouragement from others. He has no fear, and will try anything for its own sake. He will come up with many ideas during a brainstorm, and always needs someone else there to determine which ones are viable. He was bullied as a child, which caused him to overcompensate with his physique. One thing he didn’t take from his experiences is a bad attitude. It’s not that he doesn’t understand how grave the situation is, but he doesn’t see the point in dwelling over their problems, because he doesn’t think that’s going to help. He recognizes the devastation, so he doesn’t dismiss it, but he is also the first to see it as an opportunity. The galaxy has, up until that point, been massively divided. Perhaps now, they can learn to come together, and find solutions to their disagreements, so that everyone can find happiness. His primary goal in life is to work for other people. This does not mean literally, like he’s a born servant. He just feels more comfortable providing support for others, and picking up the slack when they’re drained, inadequate, or otherwise preoccupied. The Champion is always looking for the good in people, and this can sometimes get him in trouble, because if he doesn’t find it, he will fabricate it. He has an unreasonable desire to make everything perfect for everyone, and will not allow any sort of friction. Some disagreement is healthy for a group to function effectively, but it can be hard for him to accept this. You can always count on the Champion to have your back. You’re going to have to be prepared for him to have your opponent’s back too, though.

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