Friday, March 3, 2017

Microstory 530: Major Drug Bust in Carolina

Gas masks, body armor, and dark clothes. These are the things that authorities wore this morning four hours after midnight East Coast Time. With them, they carried electroshock subduers, zip restraints, and even a few lethal firearms. Undercover police officers had infiltrated a major illicit drug organization, and had been operating under their false identities for the last year. Evidence was accumulated, processed, and verified. The drug operation was spread all over eastern Carolina, and required a number of coordinated strike teams.

As the sun was rising, groups of seven officers, backed up with standby teams, raided these various facilities at precisely the same time. This prevented suspects from contacting each other fast enough. The local drug enforcement task force wanted to end all operations at once, and leave no room for recovery. It is too soon to know whether their efforts will ultimately result in success. Coastal towns have been suffering from a drug problem for the last three years. Until today, authorities had found no luck in bringing them down. Each arrest seemed to have little to no effect on the development of the drug business. It is hoped that this long-term endeavor will send a message to anyone looking to manufacture or distribute drugs in the southeast region of Usonia: you are not welcome.
Five suspects were killed during the blitz, while two others remain in critical condition. One officer was severely injured by a short-bladed sword, and it is believed that his leg will need to be removed for medical reasons, but he is expected to survive. All others ended up with nothing more dangerous than superficial wounds, and authorities experienced no other casualties. Drugs of all kind were found during the raid; ranging from stimulants to opiates; tobacco to alcohol; and amphetamines to psychoactives. Trials are due to begin next month.

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