Monday, March 20, 2017

Microstory 541: New Planet Discovered From an Early Exodus

Thirty-five years after the first man, Dwyn Rinen landed on the moon, a ship with his namesake left the seed of civilization. The Rinen was a sleeper ship, traveling at little over 0.13 percent the speed of light. They were headed towards the homeworld’s nearest neighboring star. It would take them over 1,500 years to arrive at their destination, and by the time they did, the galaxy had transformed. Just decades after their departure, faster-than-light travel was discovered. It would be another century before this information was made public, but once it was, interstellar travel quickly became a part of everyday life. Anyone with enough money to build a capable vessel was doing so, and setting out to colonize space. The government owned several planets, but most of them were under the rule of private citizens; the richest of the rich. That small neighboring star system was of no interest to those early pioneers. They chose to go to the far reaches of the galaxy. Anywhere within a few lightyears of the origin just seemed so...pedestrian. But this was not a sentiment shared by the explorers in the sleeper ship.
When the Rinen’s passengers landed, they were not the same either. They experienced neurological problems as a result of their extended stay in hyper-sleep. Language was particularly difficult for them, often leading to bizarre speech; most notably erroneously repeating nominal terms. This led them to name their new planet Rinen Rinen. They gave their children double names as well, such as Prime President Alsi Alsi Noromo Noromo, or Ambassador Dyne Dyne Pala Pala. A few weeks ago, a small group of postgraduate researchers from Damr decided to take on a massive project. They wanted to map the entire galaxy in great detail, including barren and uninhabited systems. After an initial planning stage, they set out on their journey. Their first stop was Rinen Rinen; a planet belonging to a star that had been long forgotten. Its denizens had been living there for thousands of years, all but unaware of where they had come from, and with no considerable desire to remember. They welcomed the visitors, but mostly because they seem to have a general aversion to conflict or confrontation. Still, both the Astral Military Force, and the Rinen Rinen government, are interested in developing some kind of relationship with each other. A press conference is being held tomorrow at 27:00 Standard Time.

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