Friday, March 24, 2017

Microstory 545: New Home Galaxy Detected 55 MLY Away

For years, our kind has been rejected, refused, and dismissed. The others have attempted to indoctrinate us into their beliefs, but we have held firm. We adhere to certain rights and practices that they no longer think are necessary. They were once like us, but now they preach freedom and harmony, when really, it’s all about control. Though they claim that everyone is equal, it can’t possibly be true. Somebody has to be making decisions day-to-day. Somebody has to have power over everyone else. Who that could be is of no concern to us. All we want is a home to call our own, and to not have to worry about the communists coming to bother us about our lack of government oversight. Our top researchers have been scouring the universe, looking for the best spot to set down roots. We sent scout ships in all directions, hunting down habitable planets. Unfortunately, though there are plenty of candidates, they’re also always too close to some other civilization. We just weren’t happy with our prospects. So we went farther than anyone has before, ultimately coming across a completely uninhabited galaxy fifty-five million light-years away. Yes, you read that right. We found it. This can be our home. It fits perfectly with our needs; more habitable planets than any other galaxy. It’s an interesting offering; full of globular clusters, and an energetic plasma jet, the true nature of which remains a mystery for now. Teams have already begun the bidding process for determining the basic characteristic of our new civilization. We need a name for the galaxy, the location of the primary star systems and planets we’ll be using, and some infrastructure. Yes, there does need to be some level of regulation. Without it, life would be nothing but chaos, and we would all be at risk from foreign threats. This is a great day for our people. We will finally be able to leave the remote woods of Tellus...and go home.

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