Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Microstory 537: What Will Happen When Mosi Jengo Dies?

It has been a couple decades now since Bellevue—the organization responsible for collecting and distributing people with extraordinary abilities—first revealed its truth. Since then, we’ve all had our ups and downs, but in the end, true progress was made. Each anomaly was placed in a particular department, with only a few left over who chose some other vocation, or existed on the fringes of society. Today, I’m going to talk about Mosi Jengo. Jengo was born to a poor family of wheat farmers. Misunderstanding the properties of his own power, he inadvertently killed his mother with lightning in an attempt to protect her from an attacker. Following this traumatic event, he was taken under the wing of the leader of the gang that first attacked them. Together, they used Jengo’s abilities to alter weather patterns across all of Tanzania, eventually fixing the entire country’s economy.

Jengo was soon recruited into Bellevue, like many before him, and expanded his power. He ultimately developed the strength and focus to monitor and adjust the global climate itself, and this is what he does with his life on a regular basis. But what happens when Mosi Jengo dies. Other anomaly abilities have been studied and recreated using technology. Francis Deering helped doctors and scientists understand how to perform more advanced sex reassignment operations. Extremely reliable augmented reality was developed on the basis of Quang Phan’s ability to superimpose information on his environment with his eyesight alone. Bree Nolan’s ability to inherently understand family trees led to instantaneous genetic testing techniques. For some reason that this writer cannot understand, Mosi Jengo has never participated in such experimentation. It would seem that Bellevue, and the world governments, are content to have him control the weather for them. What’s the endgame here? How can this method be at all sustainable? The important question here is the one I asked that caught your attention to this article...what happens when Mosi Jengo inevitably dies? What will the world do then?

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