Monday, March 6, 2017

Microstory 531: Special Devices Allow Elves to Swim

While some scientists are working to cure cancer, or send man beyond the solar system, others are working on more practical needs. One thing that makes humans so special when it come to the animal kingdom is that we’re not physically great at anything in particular, but we can display a middling performance in just about everything. Humans are not the fastest, largest, strongest, most agile, or swimmiest. We can’t jump all that high, we don’t always land on our feet, and we definitely can’t fly. Some individuals are more adept at certain skills than others, but in general, we’re all about the same. But what does that mean for human subspecies, like vampirs, dwarves, or the subject of our story today, elves? These other types of humans have their own advantages, but they also have some disadvantages. The most obvious of these is that vampirs have a less efficient oxygen-carrying system in their blood, but one that may be looked over is an elf’s inability to swim. Elves have denser bones, and a disproportionate weight distribution, favoring their upper body. They can’t swim, because just like standard humans, they still need to be able to come up for air, which is something their bodies won’t let them do. There are exceptions, of course. The Ferene Prince, for instance, is known for having succeeded in a sacred and dangerous rite of passage underwater that not even non-elves on their home islands were able to master. Unfortunately, most elves were not able to experience the joy of swimming through the water...until now. An eclectic group of scientists gathered at an old submarine base in Alabama’s Jouri Bay, and remained there for weeks, perfecting a technology the industry had never thought was necessary. Details on the design have not yet been released as patent proceedings are still underway, but these scientists have confirmed that their technology works. Special devices allow a wearer to both move through the water, and surface for breath, when needed. As previously stated, intellectual rights first have to get situated. After that, the device needs to go through rigorous safety standards with the Usonian government, and also with the Confederacy, if they wish to enter the global market. A spokesperson for the group has stated that they expect to put these devices on shelves within the next year.

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