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Monday, March 27, 2017

Microstory 546: Drug Problem Increases; Earthan Psychiatrists Deveiled

Every known planet has eventually learned of drugs that can alter the chemicals in the human body. Each planet, however, has had a different way of dealing with these. A fair amount of research has been done on the history of drug use and abuse, and a few things have become clear. One, we all seem to have about the same drugs. Not literally. Different plants grow in different places, but there is generally an equivalent of whatever effects one has on the body wherever one may go. Some act on endorphins, others inhibit pain receptors. In other words, we tend to all have the same type of drugs, coming from plants with similar properties. The second commonly accepted truth is that there is a negative correlation between the amount of prosperity a culture experiences, and the amount of drugs discovered and used. To put it in simpler terms, if—by some miracle—a particular civilization naturally feels no pain or hardship, they won’t discover drugs. They won’t even consider it necessary. In the reverse, if the civilization is riddled with disease and stress, academics will search for ways to alleviate it. This is taken even further when one accounts for recreational use, and ultimate abuse, of drugs. The more the people need to escape from natural life, the more they will...and drugs help them do that easily.

Unlike most planets in the Lactean galaxy, Earth has experienced a massive amount of adversity and misfortune. Problems with drug abuse are prevalent throughout their history, further exacerbated by their historical rejection of global community. Storms and other natural disasters led their ancestors to grasp at various religions for comfort, and they were less willing to let go of these as time went on. Science and enlightenment were denied, making technological advances difficult to accomplish. While people were discovering all these drugs to fix all their problems, they were met with so much opposition that understanding the difference between recreational and medically necessary was near impossible. By the time governmental regulations created some of these lines, the public had already decided that certain recreational drugs were acceptable, and they were never going to let go of this. At least they haven’t yet. They regularly consume alcohol, inhale carcinogenic stimulants, and eat psychoactives. Earth is noted by experts as having the worse drug problem in the universe, but now they are not alone. And now...they’re the only ones who can help us.

A new drug has hit the streets of The Core called Tremor. It is designed to stimulate the body’s nervous system, and cause violent convulsions. It was borne out of weight-loss experiments millennia ago on Vata. The idea was to vibrate the whole body so that the user would burn calories without actually having to do anything. Of course today we have far more sophisticated ways of promoting health, but records of this drug made their way into the hands of criminals, and the product is now being distributed all over the system. No one knows where it comes from, but that is being handled. The most pressing issue is the addiction. Thousands of people are now addicted to the substance, and health professionals honestly have no idea how to help them. Sure, they can treat the addict’s physical dependence, but a seemingly insurmountable mental component has prevented addicts from ever truly being free of their desire to take more tremor. In order to combat this incredibly rare problem, psychiatrists from Earth have been deveiled, and brought to The Core. They are currently undergoing an acclimation process, but will soon be put to work. It is hoped that their experience in treating drug abuse will help us come up with solutions that our inexperience prevents us from thinking of. With any luck, and a little time, we can all go back to a recreational drug-free environment.

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