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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Microstory 542: Starscapers Hopes to Rival Magnus Immortality

For the last ninety years, Magnus Immortality has been, by most metrics, the most popular broadcast series. It’s an uncomplicated premise, but one that’s always been difficult to execute. Though the titular character has gone by many names, his original birthname has never been spoken, and that’s because no one knows where he comes from, not even himself. Magnus Immortality is genetically human, to be sure. A number of episodes have dealt with him needing to prove this, for one reason or another. He is, however, the only immortal of his kind in an unnamed fictional galaxy. A lot has changed over the course of more than 20,000 episodes, but one thing has remained constant. He cannot die.

He is said to have lived for centuries, and carries degrees in almost every subject. He spends his time saving the worlds from disaster, that is if he can get his homework done. The rules of immortality are inconsistent. Sometimes The Magnus is invulnerable to injury, sometimes he has to die and be resurrected, and sometimes his life force transfers to a new body. Sometimes The Magnus can be played by the same actor, sometimes not. Sometimes an actor leaves for a stint, then comes back in an entirely different incarnation. Sometimes there is an actor change with absolutely no indication that The Magnus has died at all. Sometimes The Magnus is female and sometimes male. About the only thing that hasn’t changed about this show is how much more successful it’s been against all contenders. The creators of a new series, called Starscapers, hopes to change that.

According to the official production company description, “[Starscapers] is about a construction company currently in the business of creating an entire galaxy. They design and build stars, planets, and moons from scratch.” It takes place at a hypothetical end of the universe in the deep, deep, deep future. It is estimated that the universe will ultimately grow so large that all matter decays into its basic atoms. In the series, all remaining intelligent life survives in large generation ships, huddled together, with barely enough room to walk. The First Light Starscaping Corporation competes with other companies to build star systems for people to live in, with the eventual goal of building a whole galaxy, and reigniting the cosmos. The show will focus on an elite team of specialists charged with making some of the galaxy’s more interesting features; nebulas, quasar fields, and bizarre geography. No casting announcements have been made, but fifty-six episodes have been written so far, and the first three years have been fully planned out. Production is set to begin next week, with the premiere scheduled for early next year.

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