Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Microstory 538: Small Military Contingency Remains to Help Keres

This is a special report. Please disseminate this information to every human on Keres, and take care to keep it away from the eyes of demons. Recently, a small military contingency arrived with a rescue team on a space-capable vessel from the homeworld. Details are unclear, but what we know is that two of their people were living here, and needed to return home. We do not know how they arrived in the first place, but we of course, allowed them to go back. From what we understand, our homeworld is dealing with massive civil unrest on a global scale. The entire planet is suffering from an uprising, and a war. The rescuers were forced to leave us so that they could end their own problems. Fortunately, the military security team sent to protect them has decided that their charges no longer require their help. They have instead chosen to remain on Keres and help us as they can with our demon problem. Our people now have the best way of fighting against our oppressors than we have in the last several centuries. More bulletins will be spread as news comes in. For now, they are holding strong in the Tirane camp, evidently having chosen this as their new base of operations. Anyone interested in supporting our cause must take caution when crossing the desolands in between camps. Transportation may be provided at a later date if technologically possible.

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